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Heating Oil

Heating Oil

The more you know about oil heat, the better you'll feel

As a homeowner, you have many important decisions to make. One of them is your choice of heating fuel. You want heat that is clean, comfortable, environmentally friendly, efficient, economical, dependable, safe & versatile. Oil heat gives you all that and a whole lot more. Read on.

Oil heat is clean. Today's oil heat is 95% cleaner than is was in 1970. When your new system is properly tuned they create absolutely no soot, dirt or odors in the home.

Heating with oil is comfortable. Unlike gas, oil heat is very warm, discover it, feel the difference. and you will love it!

Oil is very efficient. Most people like to save money or cut corners wherever, heating with oil you can do just that, it is the leader in efficiency.

Oil is environmentally friendly. Protecting the environment is a concern for all of us. Oil heat through research is doing just that. For instance, oil heat emissions have been reduced from 10 pounds to 7 ounces of particulate for every 1000 gallons burned. Over the past decade or two, the sulfur content of oil has been reduced from 1.5% to .05%. As you can see, oil heat is good for your home and our planet.

Oil is very economical. With its outstanding efficiency, you are able to squeeze more heat from every dollar spent. Today, the average homeowner uses around 800 gallons a year versus 1300 gallons in 1973. Technology has reduced oil consumption by 6 billion gallons a year! The savings alone does wonders on your household budget. With heating oil prices extremely competitive, adjusting for inflation, it is significantly less expensive as it was 30 years ago. Heating Oil is a terrific value!

Oil is dependable. When winter finally arrives, heating with oil gives you the peace of mind throughout the heating season. You always will have a good supply of oil safely stored on your property and with our automatic delivery system in place; we won't let you run out.

Heating Oil is very safe. A burner has to ignite it. If you were to drop a match into heating oil, it would go out as it were dropped into water. Carbon monoxide entering the home from using heating oil is very low.


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